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Manchester High School's Broadcast News Team, The Pulse, received our highest honor of the year thus far, earning Broadcast Excellence (Gold) at the 2024 Student Television Network (STN) Convention for our regular published weekly program! MHS is one of two schools in the Northeastern United States to receive this honor this year receiving the award at the STN Convention in Long Beach, California.


The students of The Pulse created a noteworthy program on March 14th during our trip to the STN Convention in Long Beach, California.  These student journalists had 8 hours to create an 8> min program with the prompt "Unity in Diversity."  Here is their program:

Additional Crazy 8's News Stories



Arts and Culture Feature Story


Produced by Samantha Ward, Zoe Evans,

Brianna Roy-Espinosa and

Dasa Gramblickova

Vertical Man on the Street

"What's Your Hidden Talent"

Produced by Mahdi Jilu, Ryan Silberberg, Gavin Kane and Gavin Tomic

Sports Highlights

"Florida Boys Basketball State Championship"

Produced by Jackson Converse and

Sean Hickey


NAT Sound Package

"Why Long Beach?"

Produced by Madison DeLine, Isabella Lombardo, Cayleigh Herrick and Savannah Peek

Action Sports Editing

"Surf's Up!"

Produced by Anthony Osella and PJ Ortiz

News Story

"Long Beach Farmer's Market"

Produced by Madelyn Spina, Samuel Belcher, Erika Rozek and Ella Golas


"Coffee Anyone?"

Produced by Mia Gilbert, Kaylee Cormier, Liliana Hernandez, Murcer Converse and Stewart Keith

Tell the Story

"Life on a Farm"

Produced by Madison Scott and Abigail Bailey

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