The Pulse Crew 2016-2017


Eric R. Larson
Technology Education Teacher

Red Productions Adviser

Mr. Larson has been teaching video for the past 16 years at Manchester High School, Manchester, CT. He has developed classes at MHS that include an entry level video production class, a studio production class, Sports Broadcasting and Broadcast Journalism. Within these classes students produce news production programs featuring The Pulse and Manchester Monthly. Mr. Larson was a former video technician for the Connecticut Air National Guard of 9 years. Now, Mr. Larson loves being able to teach students his passion, video production, and set students off onto career paths in the film and broadcasting industries. As a board director of The Student Television Network, Mr. Larson enjoys the opportunity to work with, and collaborate with the nation's leading video educators to build a strong legion of tomorrow's storytellers.



Ryan Jones

Social Studies Teacher



Mr. Jones has been involved with the Broadcast Journalism program for the past three years as a co-teacher and co-adviser.  Every day, he is reminded of the amazing students and opportunities we have here in Manchester.  Apart from learning the nuts and bolts of video and news production, he assists the team in working  to tell our school and community story.  He thinks it is exciting to help students to work on improving their writing, research and interviewing skills.  


Merry Keyt

Grade: 11th

Period 6 Director


Jack Beauregard

Period 6 Director

Annabelle Watson

Grade: 11th

Period 7 Director

This is Annabelle's second year in Broadcast, which she loves because she learns about the Broadcast/News Industry, where she can build her skills as an aspiring journalist. Annabelle is on the girls Swim and Tennis teams, and the Instructor of the Handicapped (IOH) organization. 

Jessica Pardi

Period 7 Director

Alec Bairos

Grade: 11th

In his first year of Broadcast, Alec has enjoyed meeting the diverse amount of people he interviews each week, as well as the pressure of making stories. Alec plays both soccer and baseball, and is apart of LINK and National Honor Society. 

Abdulah Barlas

Grade; 10th

Abdulah describes Broadcast as: "A class where you get to be creative with what you do, it is a very hands on class.". He also runs cross country, and Indoor/Outdoor Track.

Tyler Barry

Grade: 10th

Tyler loves everything about his first year of Broadcast, plays baseball and basketball, and is in Red Productions. 

Dom Cavallo

Grade: 11th

So far in Dom's first year of Broadcast, he's enjoyed editing and shooting, and thinks it's great opportunity to meet new people and venture outside the high school. Dom also plays soccer and golf for the school, and is apart of Ski Club.

Glaiza Fuentes

Justin Keller


Katie Lee

Ty LeGeht

Grade: 10th

Ty is apart of Red Productions and Wrestling. He likes B-Cast because it keeps him on his toes and it's an interactive class. 

Lena Muraski

Grade: 11th

Lena plays Basketball and Volleyball, and is in Ski Club. She likes Broadcast because she can be creative and put their her own visions on videos. 

Ben Roy

Grade: 10th

In Ben's first year of Broadcast, he looks forward to the class everyday, he loves working with his friends, and preparing for the future he wishes to pursue in communications. Ben is also involved in Baseball, Red Prod, and Ski Club.

Daisy Gonsalves