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Will Ripley

WIll Ripley is a Class of 1999 graduate. He was anchor of Manchester Television news and has gone on to become the international correspondent for CNN. 

Will acted as a reporter, anchor, and director for Manchester Television News during his experience at Manchester High School. 

Since his time at MHS, Will's career has really taken off. He is now an "award-winning correspondent for CNN, based at the network's Tokyo bureau. A journalist with 15 years of experience, Ripley is responsible for covering major news stories from Japan and across the Asia Pacific region."



Gaby Dube

Gaby Dube graduated from MHS in 2010 and is now working with the MLB network with their production teams. She claims that her time at MHS was largely responsible for her success in the news world.

Vitaliy Fridman

Vitaliy works at ESPN and thinks that without his experience at MHS, his career would not have been as successful as it is today. He is spending time doing what he loves.

Ryan Dube

Ryan Dube took some time off after his graduation from Manchester High School in 2014 to see the world, he has been as far as India and Central America with his GoPro camera by his side. Ryan is currently living in California modeling and experimenting with the production of music videos. 

Pumphouse Productions

Mainly contributed to by Andrew Hurd and Isaiah Nieves (Class of 2015 graduates), Pumphouse Productions involved many MHS students in their projects when it was a part of the Manchester High School community. The label has followed these students into their graduate years as they continue to study film and work on independent projects. Check out more of their videos by clicking the banner above.

Getting There...

What will a boy do to get a girls attention? A 2015-2016 Pumphouse Productions film by Andrew Hurd, produced while studying at Quinnipiac University. 

I've Begun My Ascent

A girl wakes up in a mysterious world, and starts to find clues on how she got there. A 2015-2016 Pumphouse Productions film by Isaiah Nieves, produced while studying at Quinnipiac University.

The Everyday Life of an Existentialist

The story of a boy as he struggles to find the meaning of existence. A 2014-2015 Pumphouse Productions film that recieved second place at last year's New England Emmys.

Jessica Schneider

Jessica Schneider was a Class of 1999 graduate and anchored alongside Will Ripley during her years with MHS Television. Since then, Jessica has moved up in the ranks of CBS News in New York City. 

Jessica is currently an anchor at CBS and is so thankful for her experience in the broadcast program, that she has come back on multiple occasions to mentor, give tips, and serve as a contact for MHS students interested in journalism.

Matt Fletcher 

Matt Fletcher is a class of 2006 graduate and a "Television and film production specialist" who loves his job and the experiences he has had along with it. 

Morgan Keyt is a class of 2016 graduate who designed and upkept this website during her serve as one of the directors of the 2015-2016 Pulse. Since she misses The Pulse very much and is living in the past and realized she still remembers the password to this site, she uploaded some pictures and put her name here. She served as reporter, anchor, and director, and loved every minute of it. She is now a psych major at the University of Connecticut and is excited to watch what this new group of Broadcasters has in store.

Morgan Keyt

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