Miss MHS Promo 2019
By: Olivia McHugh and Anthony Mazzotta
By: Lena Muraski, Ben Roy
Perspectives Art Show
By: JT Weekes, Alec Bairos, Mikey Borden
Jack Of All Trades: Dance Class
By: Jack McHugh and Jason Weekes 
By: Emily Madden and Dom Cavallo
Cross Country Work Ethic
By: Lena Muraski, Alec Bairos Sean Moriarty
Effects Of Coffee
By: Jess Pardi, Dom Cavalllo
Custodian Spotlight
By: Ben Roy, Jess Pardi, Mikey Borden
Baby Simulator
By: Jason Weekes and Sean Moriarty
SRO Spotlight
By: Alec Bairos, Mikey Borden, Camren Daley
By; Lena Muraski, Jessica Pardi
Adrian Parker Spotlight
By: Emily Madden, Jack McHugh, Tysean Daley
Main Street Changes
By: Benjamin Roy, Dominic Cavallo
Gym Changes
By: Justin Keller, Daisy Gonzalez, Jack McHugh
Mario Kart Comeback
By: Tyler Roya, Ryan Barry, Sam Hedlund
Flex Changes
By: Sam Mushinski Glaiza Fuentes, Tyler Legeyt
EEE Virus
By: Jack Boureguard, Laurence Cabonita, Abdullah Barlas
Fanzone Name
By: Katie Lee, Tyler Barry